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Rawgenerate your health today and experience a new life of energy and vitality! 

About Me

I'm Jake Gallon and I graduated as a certified detoxification specialist from the International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences, the only school teaching the importance of the great lymphatic system, under the training and wisdom of Dr. Robert Morse. With over 50 years of experience in his field - helping people heal from virtually any condition and serious illness - Dr. Morse is a true pioneer in natural healing and a leading figure in holistic health and traditional naturopathy. Under his teachings, I gained extensive knowledge in how to detoxify the body safely, efficiently, and as easily as possible, using the power of fruits, berries, melons, and body-specific herbs. This is the regenerative detoxification process, which simply means to rid the system of foreign chemistry through the great lymphatic system, resulting in a cleansed body of vitality and strength. As someone that has been on a long and uncomfortable health journey myself, from teeth issues, psoriasis, headaches, and fatigue, I am now at a stage where I am nearing the other side and want to share this truth with the world. I continue to study at Dr. Morse's school, furthering my knowledge and understanding, with a mission to help you all on your journey to wellness.

Be love, Jake Gallon - Certified Detoxification Specialist

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What is


Regenerative Detoxification

Regenerative detoxification is a process by which the body eliminates foreign chemistry through the great lymphatic system, so that all the organs and glands can function in harmony again. Regenerative detoxification can only take place under a hydrated, alkaline sky, with immense help from fruits, herbs, raw living foods, fasting and positive mental and emotional changes. This process can take time, but the outcome is a body free from aches and pains, stiffness and dis-ease. Your sight, smell and taste will return to levels unimagined, opening you to a world of vitality and vigor.

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What to expect...

You will receive a health questionnaire to fill out prior to the consultation, that we will go over together, explaining each part step by step. I may make personalised recommendations such as herbal protocols, diet modifications, and explain clearly your health situation: giving you the knowledge and strength needed for true healing. 

Book a Consultation

Send me a message on any of my socials or with the form below and we can discuss the best option for you. Normally I start with a 60-90 minute video call but we can also meet in person or have a phone consultation. 

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