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Rawgenerate Medical Disclaimer

Any information shared by, and or any other persons shared on this website, be that in any written, audible or video material form either on or separate from, including (but not limited to) diet, nutritional, fasting, herbal, homeopathic, or any other health related modalities, is for educational purposes only, and does not involve in any way shape or form, the diagnosing, treatment, cure, prognosticating, prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases, and should not be replaced for medical advice. The opinions held within and any other persons on this website are only that: opinions, and do not replace medically recognised alternatives that conflict herein. If you choose to follow the recommendations and advice shared within this website and or from Jake himself, you do so with full self responsibility and understanding. If you choose to follow the information, suggestions, opinions or recommendations given on this website or by Jake himself, you may just find yourself in a new world of vital health, free from dis-ease, suffering and pain.

Rawgenerate 30 Day Guarantee

Jake will give you all he knows to best ensure your success with your healing journey. Jake does not promise complete healing of anything in a 30 day period. True healing takes much longer, but the principals learned in the 30 days are applied EVERY STEP OF THE WAY: whether you’re at the beginning or at the end of your journey. 
Everything you need will be provided to you in the 30 days.

 GUARANTEE means that if you see no improvement in your problem after the 30 days - that was previously discussed in the free consultation - that Jake will HELP you for free until you do. This GUARANTEE is only valid if you have been following - without exception - the coaching from Jake, and can prove that you have been. Jake will not ask for proof unless he feels like the individual is not being genuine. 
Jake will also provide digital material to HELP you, so that you have information to reference when the coaching is over. Jake also provides his Rawgenerate community as a place of constant learning and growing together. 

HELP means that Jake will provide any information, whether that be in audio or written format, to give you the knowledge you need to keep your health on track beyond coaching. 
If the format is audio, rest assured that it will all be LIVE with you and not pre recorded information. 
All ongoing HELP will be limited to one 15 minute audio call per week and 2 emails per week.

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