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Affordable Consultations That Will Change Your Life.

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Care, love, and going above and beyond for every one of my clients is reflected in each consultation.

You will feel safe, heard and leave the session feeling confident and excited to get your health back!
Whether you want to go it alone or be guided and supported throughout your healing journey, you will find the right consultation option for you.

et us not get down when we veer off the path during the protocol, as this is injurious to our physical and non-physical being. May we forgive ourselves, stay in the NOW and move forward. We will be faced with emotional struggles, and it is in these moments that the helper of OBSERVATION is our greatest ally."

         - May peace and health be with you, Jake Gallon.

Start your journey today...

  • Online/Phone Consultation

    A free 15 minute discovery call to speak with Jake directly and have a...

  • Online/Phone Consultation

    Shedding light on the cause and solution to your health issues.

    450 Australian dollars
  • Online/Phone Consultation

    Giving you complete support for 4 weeks of your journey to wellness.

    750 Australian dollars
  • Online/Phone Consultation

    16 weeks of ongoing support on your path to wellness and beyond.

    2,500 Australian dollars


*All prices are in AUD.


*The cost of herbal formulas suggested in your protocol is not included in the fees and will need to be purchased separately.*

All consults and follow-ups will be conducted on Skype/Zoom, or in person if possible.

  • Does this way of healing actually work, and what makes this way special?
    Yes! Through the power of living foods, and a fruit based diet paired with herbal formulas, we see great success with anyone who follows this way of healing. We do not see the same success in other detox programs. Dr Robert Morse has been helping people with virtually all illnesses gain full recovery for over 50 years.
  • Am I guaranteed complete healing, and in what time frame?
    Time is your best friend! If we don’t do the work, we can’t expect success. When someone commits to the raw living foods, fruits and herbs, this is where we see success and deep health transformations unlike anything else. Everyone is unique, so we cannot guarantee an exact time frame. Having patience and trust in your bodies ability in healing itself is a must.
  • What are some examples of deep healing?
    We see people get out of their wheelchairs, become free from virtually all dis-ease and suffering, regain sight, hearing, clear skin, regrow tissue, and even regrow hair and teeth. Remember that this is not a cure. This a regenerative detoxification process to restore health and vitality back to the human body.
  • Is Jake a medical doctor?
    No! Jake is trained in regenerative detoxification, and is a detoxification specialist through Dr Robert Morse’s school.
  • Can I take the herbs even if I’m taking prescription drugs?
    Yes, herbs are classed as foods, they’re non-hybrid, and are generally safe to take while on other products or chemical drugs. There are times when caution is necessary, and working closely with a detox specialist is recommended.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Due to the nature of regenerative detoxification, and the self responsibility of the individual, refunds are not an option. When we take full responsibility for our health, we regain the power necessary to taking our health back.
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