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I'm Jake Gallon, your guide and coach to thriving health. 

I am a Certified Detoxification Practitioner, specialising in the regeneration and hydration of the human body. I help people regain their health, through powerful herbal protocols, living foods, and practical and simple lifestyle changes.


My focus is always on the cause of the problem. I'm not interested in treatments. Rather I empower you with the cause, give you the solution, and support you until you reach abundant vitality and health.

Training and Experience

I'm Jake Gallon and I graduated as a Certified Detoxification Specialist from the International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences, the only school teaching the importance of the great lymphatic system, under the training and wisdom of Dr. Robert Morse. With over 50 years of experience in his field - helping people heal from virtually any condition and serious illness - Dr. Morse is a true pioneer in natural healing and a leading figure in holistic health and traditional naturopathy.


Under his teachings, I gained extensive knowledge in how to detoxify the body safely, efficiently, and as easily as possible, using the power of fruits, berries, melons, and body-specific herbs. This is the regenerative detoxification process, which simply means to rid the system of foreign chemistry through the great lymphatic system, resulting in a cleansed body of vitality and strength.


As someone who has been on a long and uncomfortable health journey myself, from a ruptured appendix, teeth issues, psoriasis, headaches, and skin problems, I am now at the stage where I have taken charge of my health and want to share this truth with the world. I continue to study at Dr. Morse's school, furthering my knowledge and understanding, with a mission to help you all on your journey to wellness.

With love, Jake Gallon - Certified Detoxification Specialist


The Power of Living Foods

Most alternative healing practices involve very few, if any changes to diet, and still include acidifying, cooked, and high protein foods: all of which will never heal the body.

The key to true health is through the kingdom of fruits, berries, melons and raw living foods. These are the foods of man, and when eaten raw, in their simplicity, only then can true cellular healing take place.

Our world is full of theories of germs, cancers and diseases, all of which hold no ground in objective reality, and bring along with them such pain and fear.

I have no interest in these theories, and this is reflected in the world of regenerative detoxification. We will leave fear at the door, keep simplicity at the forefront and take strides together, forward to the world of true healing and joy.


What other species cooks their food before they eat it? What other species eats in large variety? What other species is confused about what to eat other than humans?

Ask yourself these questions and you will see that we humans are the only ones.

Mountains Meet Lake

Start your journey today with my free consultation.

Are you ready to take action and restore your health to levels unimagined? 

During our free 15-minute consultation, I will introduce you to the power of regenerative detoxification and how it can reverse your condition. I'll go over my different health packages so we can find the perfect option to meet your budget and condition. 

You will have the opportunity to ask all and any questions and will leave the consultation feeling confident and excited to start this amazing journey toward vitality and well-being. 

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