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"There is no match for the power of fruits, berries and melons. Through them, you will quickly find true health and vitality, at levels unimagined"

Most alternative healing practices involve very few, if any changes to diet, and still include acidifying, cooked, and high protein foods: all of which will never heal the body.

The key to true health is through the kingdom of fruits, berries, melons and raw living foods. These are the foods of man, and when eaten raw, in their simplicity, only then can true cellular healing take place.

Our world is full of theories of germs, cancers and diseases, all of which hold no ground in objective reality, and bring along with them such pain and fear.

I have no interest in these theories, and this is reflected in the world of regenerative detoxification. We will leave fear at the door, keep simplicity at the forefront and take strides together, forward to the world of true healing and joy.

What other species cooks their food before they eat it? What other species eats in large variety? What other species is confused about what to eat other than humans?

Ask yourself these questions and you will see that we humans are the only ones.

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