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Lauren Anderson, 17th June 2023

"I had already been binge watching DRM videos and loving the information, but talking to someone who has studied in his detox course, was even more helpful and encouraging then being a passive fan, yet making no actions to change my ways. I had found Jake on the Dr. Morse fan page on Facebook a while ago, and he offered his time to give me a long and potent consultation. This was back in February (?). I have had perioral dermatitis, on my face around my mouth and under my nose, flaring up and never truly going away, for about 3 years. No matter how my supplements, fancy oils I put on my face, nothing ever helps it heal. As well I had several months of itchy hives on my chest and a cyst that was painful and big under my armpit, never fully went away for about a year. These were a few of my main concerns and goals of my healing journey. A lifetime of bloating, gas and acid reflux are also up there. I decided to do a mostly fruit, all raw period of time, which was 36 days. Jake was supportive throughout all of that, with flare-ups, symptoms of detox and such. Like chronic pain coming up, then releasing. The results are that my chronic neck issues are gone as far as I can tell, that was also 3 years of regular frozen neck flare-ups. My skin has cleared up on my face, chest and the cyst is gone too. I've noticed a lot less gas and bloating, as long as I keep my diet mainly raw, and high fruit. Since I started work I've gotten into more of a 5-6 days a week as raw, and a bit of mucuslean cooked plant based foods on the weekend. This for now, it is serving me well, but the occasional bout of gas is enough reason to want to get back to 100% raw, high fruit. The journey is just the beginning really, but I'm blessed to already have such a decrease in chronic pain and dysfunction in the body. Face and skin as cleared. And I know more healing is in store for me. Thanks Jake for being a great, no BS kind of mentor with a relatable healing journey to share as well."

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