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Clear Skin

For Life.

100% Natural, No Creams, Pills, or Drugs.

"What if I told you, I could guarantee you clear skin?

I can."

Does clear skin feel like an impossible dream? 

You've tried every cream, pill, diet but nothing works? This is because none of these address the root cause of acne.

The cause lies within our bodies, just waiting for us to take action. I will give you everything you need to take back your health. 
I will show you the cause, give you th
e solution and get you there in just 30 days. Your perfect skin is just the beginning. This will change every aspect of your health to levels previously unimagined!

Clear Skin, 30 Days, Guaranteed. 

How it works. No BS.


Book your 30-minute Free Consultation with Jake. No hidden costs or fees. 


Understand the true cause of acne, all skin conditions & the secrets to glowing skin for life. 


Transform your skin, health & energy with the tools, wisdom & support of Jake's expert guidance.

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Restore your

Natural Beauty Today.

Our body is a garden, and we need to water it! When we nourish our bodies with cellularly hydrating foods, herbs and juices, we are literally watering our cells back to life.

The secret is to look after the hidden system of the body, the Lymphatic System. 

About Jake.

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Care, love, and going above and beyond for every one of my clients is reflected in each consultation.

Jake is a Certified Detoxification Practitioner, specialising in the regeneration and hydration of the human body. He helps people regain their health, through powerful herbal protocols, practical and doable lifestyle changes, and all whilst continuing his studies to become a naturopathic doctor.


Jake’s focus is always on the cause of the problem and never looks at treatments, rather he empowers you with the cause, gives you the solution, and helps you get back your vitality and health.

         - May peace and health be with you, Jake Gallon.

Image by Antonino Visalli

What is Acne?

Acne is just a name for a bodily stagnation issue. Fix the stagnation, fix acne. Whether it is acne, psoriasis, dandruff or eczema: the cause and solution are the same!

These signs tells us that we are extremely acidic within, and that we must quickly reverse it using alkaline foods, herbs and proper elimination

Take control of your skin today.

  • Online/Phone Consultation

    Discover how regenerative detoxification can heal all conditions with ...

    Full Description
  • Online/Phone Consultation

    Shedding light on the cause and solution to your health issues.

    Full Description
    250 Australian dollars
  • Seeing your genetics, lymphatics and bodily health through the eyes.

    Full Description
    200 Australian dollars
  • Online/Phone Consultation

    Giving you complete support for 4 weeks of your journey to wellness.

    Full Description
    890 Australian dollars
  • Online/Phone Consultation

    The ultimate detoxification package. Giving you absolutely everything ...

    Full Description
    2,500 Australian dollars

All consults and follow-ups will be conducted on Skype/Zoom, or in person if possible.

  • Does this way of healing actually work?
    Yes! Through the power of living foods paired with herbal formulas, we see great success with anyone who follows this way of healing. We do not see the same success in other detox programs. Dr Robert Morse (from which my teachings are based in) has been helping people with virtually all illnesses gain full recovery for over 50 years.
  • What sets you apart from other health practitioners?
    Unlike most health practitioners, I look for the cause of the problem, and never treat symptoms. 
Treating symptoms does not remove the cause. Once we remove the cause, then the true healing can take place, and anything is possible.
My goal is to give you all the tools and knowledge to empower you to heal yourself beyond my coaching.
  • What are some examples of deep healing?
    We see people get out of their wheelchairs, become free from virtually all dis-ease and suffering, regain sight, hearing, clear skin, regrow tissue, and even regrow hair and teeth. Remember that this is not a cure. This a regenerative detoxification process to restore health and vitality back to the human body.
  • Is Jake a medical doctor?
    No! Jake is trained in regenerative detoxification, and is a detoxification specialist through Dr Robert Morse’s school.
  • Am I guaranteed complete healing, and in what time frame?
    Time is your best friend! If we don’t do the work, we can’t expect success. When someone commits to the raw living foods, fruits and herbs, this is where we see success and deep health transformations unlike anything else. Everyone is unique, so we cannot guarantee an exact time frame. Having patience and trust in your bodies ability in healing itself is a must.
  • Can I take the herbs even if I’m taking prescription drugs?
    Yes, herbs are classed as foods, they’re non-hybrid, and are generally safe to take while on other products or chemical drugs. There are times when caution is necessary, and working closely with a detox specialist is recommended.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Due to the nature of regenerative detoxification, and the self responsibility of the individual, refunds are not an option. When we take full responsibility for our health, we regain the power necessary to taking our health back.

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